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If there is something that differentiates us, it is the commitment to a pattern that goes beyond trends.
Structured forms, folds and architectural volumes are our sign of identity.

Beatriz Fierro, architect and creative director of the brand, devises these shapes and transforms them into precise and studied patterns that make the garment fit perfectly on the female body.

At fierroMADRID we are committed to the timelessness of our designs, with the intention that they pass from mothers to daughters.
Pieces made with conscious attention, for a lifetime.

Proceso de creación
Creación fierro Madrid
Diseño Fierro Madrid


Natural fabrics are those that have been made with natural materials and fibers.
This type of fiber can be of animal or vegetable origin and have been used for thousands of years.

Compared to synthetic fabrics, they are a natural, healthier and more comfortable option for people who wear them both for their thermal, insulating and moisture-regulating qualities as well as for the security that they do not contain toxic and harmful elements than our skin can absorb.

Also, with few exceptions, they are more sustainable fibers because they come from renewable resources. The production and harvest of these fibers require less energy than the industrial production of synthetics. The plants from which they come from do not emit carbon dioxide, on the contrary they absorb it which makes their harvest have a positive impact on the environment.

At fierroMADRID we only use high quality natural fabrics. The use of these fabrics gives the garments that we design an added value, both as a healthy choice and as a commitment to our planet. This intrinsic value has to do with the sensorial and the symbolic, how they feel in touch with the skin. Their weight and natural color speak to us of their essence, they also relate to Nature and its connection with it. Ultimately, they talk about us and how we want to be perceived by others.

This is how consuming in a conscious way should be, acquiring authentic and beautiful things made with love from the beginning so that they can last over time.

Hemp and silk are the two fabrics that we have chosen for this season, you can combine them to make your garment unique.



It is one of the most resistant natural fibers. It is very soft to the touch and has good antibacterial and UV-resistant properties as well as being 100% biodegradable. Because it is a fiber that contains little air and has relatively few insulating properties, hemp always feels fresh. It has a great ability both to absorb moisture and to release it easily to the outdoors air.

Hemp is a relatively easy plant to grow, it has hardly any natural enemies and does not need a lot of water. Therefore, the plant is grown almost everywhere without using chemical herbicides or insecticides.
Its great ability to regenerate soils and remove CO2 from the atmosphere makes it one of the most sustainable fibers in the textile industry.

Due to its cultivation and ecological treatment, hemp clothing is highly suitable for sensitive skin.


This fabric is made by silkworms, which generate it naturally during their life cycle.
It is a natural fiber formed by proteins, which favors the fixation of natural dyes in its structure, resulting in very bright and vivid colors.

Its properties are high resistance, good moisture absorption and soft and smooth touch, with a very particular slight shine.

It is one of the most elegant fibers and has been used since ancient times as an expression of luxury and sophistication.


The natural coloring of fabrics consists on using medicinal dyeing plants that due to their chemical characteristics have the virtue of dyeing natural fibers such as cotton, jute, wool, hemp, silk, etc. Unlike synthetic dyes, they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. They do not contain chemical components derived from petroleum, harmful to our health and the environment.

Color in clothing is one of the important elements that generates the most impact in the design of a garment.
Historically there is evidence since the Neolithic of the use of natural techniques for the dyeing of clothing and it was not until the Industrial Revolution with the search for cheaper and faster production synthetic materials that they stopped being used, giving way to synthesized dyes. These are laboratory designed to bind to new petroleum-derived fabrics.

The color palette that we obtain from Nature has nothing to do with that of synthetic dyes. They not only favor any tone of skin but also take care of it. Many of the medicinal properties of these plants pass from the garment to the person who wears them by absorption.

At fierroMADRID we want to recover these ancestral and artisanal techniques and propose an sustainable alternative to textile coloring, one that “takes care” of the person who wears our garments.

For this SS21 season our palette of choice is the ocher YELLOWS in different tones dyed with pomegranate and the REDDISH shades obtained from the root of the “Rubia tinctorum”. All these wonderful colors have been created by the hands of Amparo Alandete from Salut Textil, a master dyer who has put her heart and soul into this work.



The color is extracted from the outer shell of this fruit once it has been naturally dried.
Very rich in tannins, which favors its fixation in fibers of vegetable origin such as hemp and flax.
Its hues range from vibrant yellows to elegant ocher.

Tejidos Granada




Rubia Tinctorum


From the root of this plant we extract the dye used to dye in incredible shades of reds, pinks and oranges.
Its dye component, alizarin, is the quintessential source of the vegetable red color and one of the most stable natural pigments.
Its use dates back to the time of the Egyptians in 2500 BC. and it was one of the most valued ancient colorants for its great resistance to light.

Tejidos Rubia




* NOTE: Color swatches show approximate hues. Natural dyes behave differently in each dyeing and slight color variations may arise which will give it that exclusivity and beauty as every single fabric is unique.

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